A growing sentiment

U4qxvnt2I said on the air the other day when I saw Kenny Rogers’ hand on the monitor that, obviously, people showing it aren’t Tigers fans. They did show a close-up on it. All I can go is what’s in the rulebook — that you can’t have foreign substances on your hand, gloves or any part of your body. We don’t know what he did, but it’s interesting that when they had him wash it off, he got better. So, let’s have him wash his hands every inning. Here in St. Louis, they are going crazy. There’s some sentiment about Tony La Russa about not being stronger about protecting his team more. I think if they had gotten Kenny out of the game and gotten into the bullpen, it maybe would have helped the Cardinals. I think that sentiment is growing.

All I can say is if the guys I caught, if they ever did anything, I didn’t want to know about in case I was quizzed.

Anytime a ball hits the dirt or grass now, they get it out of the game. Back in the 1960s and ’70s, the ball stayed in the game. But here, if the ball touches the ground, they get it out.

To me, Kenny didn’t need anything. He’s proven it with his 23 scoreless innings. But they’ll keep talking about the controversy here.

This is a great franchise. We knew that in 1960. These fans are crazy. Our fans are great, but this is a storied franchise. This is the Cardinals’ 17th World Series. You think of the Gas House Gang, Dizzy Dean, Stan Musial, Bob Gibson, guys like that. So, it’s a great, great franchise. I know in ’68 we had great respect for them, but I don’t think we got our respect until we played them.

When I saw Bob the other day, I said, "We are going to beat you again." In those days, we wanted to beat each other, but now we are buddies. We kid about it, but I’m sure they still resent it. We got the ring and they didn’t.

When we won the American League pennant, we went right to the World Series. Now, with a five-game series and two seven-game series, to me, they have to do something. We are going to be playing to the end of October. For the fans’ sake, to see real good baseball, in my opinion, either the season is too long, Spring Training is too long, or something. I think it’s tough when the games start late. I think it’s very tough on fans. You’re going to see great baseball, but you might see better baseball if the weather wasn’t so tough.

Pudge_2Ivan Rodriguez, who is struggling right now, is probably his best hitting coach. He knows what he is doing. I’m sure Don Slaught is working with him. Pudge could be feeling the pressure, because he was our first guy we went out and paid the big money to. But to have him behind the plate and his throwing ability, it cuts down the running game. It’s so important.


  1. nerrad46_@hotmail.com

    Hi, Jim…Let me just say that your sprawling backwards catch against the Yankees back in ’68, was the single greatest catch I’ve ever seen.

    Oh, that was Jim French…my bad.

  2. etan8_today@hotmail.com

    Great insight on Pine Tar Incident Scene 2 starring Kenny Rogers! The irony of the incident, as you pointed out, was how he continued to control Cardinal batters after being busted. Makes you wonder if performance enhancing substances are partially psychological boosters.

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